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The coming together of Microgaming, an online casino gaming distributor and Rabacat, a Vienna based casino games developer, sees two online casino gaming heavyweights create a lasting relationship that is bound to change the industry for better. Microgaming the first outfit to create an online casino back in 1994 will be the sole distributor of selected Rabcat games. Key among these games is Castle Builder online slot, a highly anticipated 5 reel slot game with multiple levels. The game promises to keep players interested by offering a captivating story line and numerous opportunities to earn rewards, prizes and bonuses.

Castle Builder is set in the medieval era where kings used to rule over vast kingdoms. Gameplay advances through three kingdoms each with different prizes. This being the first multi-level slot game, it offers an interesting story in which the player, a castle builder by craft is supposed to build castles for the princesses in each kingdom for a chance to earn various achievements and become a master builder. Players are supposed to spin the slots to acquire different building resources. Once they are done building a castle one of the king’s daughters, a princess occupies it and begins the search for the perfect suitor.

Castle Builder 1 Small

The player gets rewarded for the successful completion of the castle building exercise at every occasion; there are ten castles to be built in every kingdom. They are then required to help the princes pick out the best suitor for a wedding. This gives the game a slight romantic feel but is all the more interesting and the promise of more prizes and rewards in accomplishing this task offers the necessary motivation.

As players advance through the levels they get to build even better castle, earn higher rewards and resultantly attract wealthier suitors for the princesses. This achievement further raises the status of the player as castle builder earning themselves badges and additional prizes as well. The game’s most valuable achievement and with it rewards and bonuses comes with the royal wedding. This achievement opens a windfall and offers the necessary motivation for players to keep playing.

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