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Max Damage

Max Damage and the Alien Attack – A happy marriage of casino game and arcade action

It is perhaps strange to consider that for many years, casino games and arcade games were two distinct entities. Casino games required some form of wager and the chance for the player to win cash in return for being successful in their spin of the reels or gamble. Arcade games provided a thrilling experience for the player, but no chance of winning any cash.

Then Max Damage and the Alien Attack came along and threw the rulebook out of the window.

Microgaming’s first venture into what they call the “casino arcade game” genre is a real throwback for arcade fans, bringing back the halcyon days of the 2D vertical scrolling shoot-em-up. The gameplay is simple; you take control of Max Damage’s ship and blast the attacking aliens out of the sky. Simple really.

Only note, there is another glorious level meaning that these exploding ships can win you cash. Each time you shoot an Alien ship and it explodes, it may reveal a number. This number is the number of coins you have won. Not all alien ships reveal numbers and the numbers revealed do differ, but the more ships you shoot, the more you spend, but the more you can win.

The game is split into nine levels and at the end of levels 3,6 and 9, you get the chance to take on a super-alien, which if you can destroy it, offers you much bigger winning than the smaller ships.

Enhancements to your ship, such as better weapons, extra lives, more health all help give the game an arcade feel and serve very much in the same way as Wilds and Scatter symbols do on the online slot games that many find so popular.

To conclude, Max Damage and the Alien Attack is a happy marriage of arcade blasting action, combined with a subtle casino game where your skills with the gun could win you a healthy sum of cash.

The face of online gaming in the 21st century just took a whole new twist!


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