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In September, the United Kingdom is going to be home to the Rugby Union World Cup. It should be considered no coincidence that this is the month that Microgaming is going to release Rugby Star. This brand new slot game is going to add some tremendous appeal to the sports genre on slots. This might be the very first rugby-themed slot that we have ever seen, which leaves us with the question: “Is there a reason that we have never seen these slot machines before, or is this something that should have been done a long time ago?” To figure that out, we are going to look a little further into what Rugby Star is going to offer.

The graphics and sound
When looking at Rugby Star, it does not have the amazing Microgaming production values that we have come to expect from some of the other, larger releases that have come out in recent months. Rugby Star is a good-looking game, but does not have that blockbuster appeal. However, that does not mean that it looks bad though.

The graphics themselves really make you feel as though you are a part of the game. The symbols that you see flying across the screen are all rugby inspired as well. The sound of fans cheering you on as you are doing well is also intoxicating and makes you feel even better about your latest win. The sound is fun, the graphics are good, and the hits on the screen are bone crushingly hard. Rugby Star is going to be a game where you are able to delve right in and immerse yourself.

Rugby Star 2

Rolling Reels™ and more
As expected from Microgaming, Rugby Star does have the very popular Rolling Reels™ feature. This means that a single spin is able to offer you multiple consecutive wins. The aforementioned Scatters are going to give you upwards of 25 free spins to continue your winning ways, and you can increase your winnings by 10 if you hit the Multiplier Trail.


Ways to win
As we have come to expect with the latest Microgaming releases, there are 243 different ways that you are able to win with Rugby Star. The rugby ball scatter symbols are going to offer you a number of free spins once you get them. In fact, the number of spins that you can get are 15, 20, and 25. This should be more than enough to give everyone a chance to win big.

Rugby Star 1

The final verdict
We believe that people are going to love Rugby Star when it comes out in September. The truth about Rugby Star is that it is fun to play, even if you are not necessarily interested in the game of rugby itself. Microgaming always does an excellent job of making sure that their games are able to transcend the interest of the genre, and Rugby Star is no different. We know that you should certainly TRY (see what we did there?) to play this game when it comes out in your Microgaming-powered casino.

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