Home Slots The Max Damage Slot Has a Sensible Layout

The layout for the new Max Damage video slot from Microgaming is designed with five reels. These reels are organized with a series of lines and an assortment of symbols that give the play 243 different ways to win in this game. Some of them could provide players with access to some big jackpots.

The control panel lets the player adjust the total wager to spend during each spin. This can go as low as one penny for each line in a single spin. In some cases a player may choose to wager a couple of pounds at once.

In addition, the player can go after every single line on the video slot or a few lines at a time. While the wager will be lower in value when fewer lines are used, the odds or winning will still be less due to the lack of combinations that the gamer can get into.

The screen will also show pointers on the multipliers that are to be used during a spin. These include cases where a player will get some extra money off of free spins. The number of free spins that a player may earn will be shown on the top of the screen just like with the multiplier being used in a single game. There is a potential to earn some big prizes in the game as some people can get ten or more free spins in a single round, thus bringing in even more free money.

Players who want to enjoy a fun and simple slot game should see how the Max Damage slot is laid out. This is a great slot machine that is fun for all players to enjoy thanks to its extensive variety of different features that make it special and unique when compared to other options out there.

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