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Online Casinos Frequently Asked Questions

1.How sure am I that I am not dealing with a fraudulent website?

It is up to you to choose the best online slots and casinos that you can find. They are the ones that many gamers will recommend. You should also look at the About Us page on the website and see how much information they offer about themselves. Transparent casinos will give you a lot of information about themselves.

2.Are there games that are more likely to win than others?

It all depends on your strategy, and you may find that you a better intuition in some games than other. The thing to do is practice and be good in many different games so that you can increase your chances of winning.

3.How will I get paid or deposit money?

Most good online casinos will use an electronic wallet to make payments and take deposits. These are usually available to all and all you are required to do is registered with them. Check to see what the terms of payment are for the casino that you choose. Check also to see if they have withdrawal limits on winnings.

4.What are the rules if I want to play?

Different casinos will have different requirements, so check what your casino requires you to do before you start playing. Stick to the rules. Many people will not stick to rules and when they lose money, they file disputes which do not go anywhere.

5.What if I want to complain about a casino, who do I go to?

In most cases, because of the huge competition there is online for players, casinos go out of their way to make sure that they treat their customers fairly. This means that disputes will hardly ever get out of hand. If they do, you can go to the Interactive Gaming Council who will try to mediate.

6.Can I download more than 1 online casino?

If your software allows it, yes you can. There are usually no restrictions on how many casinos you can download or how many games you can play at once. The more games you play, the better chances you have at winning so go ahead and play in more than one.

7.What about bonuses and rewards?

If you think it looks too good to be true, it is. Avoid rewards that seem too generous. Bonuses are fine, and you should claim them each time.

There you go! Some tips to help you as you start to have fun with online casino gambling.

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