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Slot Machine Strategy

Of all the games you will find in a casino, slot machines are the most popular. This is because they are very easy to play and they are lots of fun. There are many people that believe they have the best strategy to win at playing the slots. But if there are so many strategies out there for winning at slots, what would be the best one?


Consider The Return

All casino games have an expected rate of return, or a mathematical formula for showing probability. Games where the expected return is 100 percent are said to have even odds. There are positive and negative expectation bets. Anything less than 100 percent is a negative expectation bet and anything above, of course, is positive. Anyone can calculate return by taking the total number of possible wins and then comparing that to their number of actual wins and actual losses. On a slot machine for example, if you spin 100 times, you may win 49 times, means you lose the other 51. Mathematically,  100 + 49 – 51 = 98. The expected return of the game is 98 percent. Look for games with higher expected returns closer to 100 percent.


How Machines Work

The first slot machines used to have a certain number of reels (three) each with a certain set of symbols (ten). It was easy to figure out the probability of winning the big jackpot, 1 in 1000, on these machines. Nowadays, machines do not use a fixed number of reels, nor do they used a fixed number of symbols. As a result, it is almost impossible to calculate the odds of winning. But, it really doesn’t matter. Slot machines, especially modern machines, are just fun to play. Many of the games are interactive and require you to be more involved. You don’t just sit and pull the lever anymore!


What Strategy Is Best?

No one strategy will guarantee you a win, however, there is one guarantee. You will have fun! The best advice for players is to pay attention to what works, and to try and repeat that the next time they play. Whether it is in a casino atmosphere or just playing online slots, the return you receive is really measured in the amount of fun that you have.

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