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No matter what you’ve been told, slots are all about luck. There is no special manipulation you can produce to help win. You either got it or you don’t! I’ll be listing some helpful tips to help you play online slots machines.

A great thing about playing online is that you are basically playing free slots so you don’t have to worry about losing your money! Unless of course you convert your money, then you’ll be playing for real! I recommend starting with the free slots first. Get yourself accustomed to the way each game plays out before investing your money.

Something that you should know is that slot machines run on RNG which stands for (Random Number Generator). Don’t be stuck to just one machine if you are encountering a losing streak. It might be time to change as the new machine might be just as ‘hot’! Determine your bankroll prior to playing, even though you’ll be starting on free slots. It is a good idea to estimate how much you are willing to spend. Stick with that number so you don’t dip into personal savings.

If you are going to be playing online casinos make sure to compare each casino and their payout odds as each casino varies. Just a small difference between casinos can make a vast difference in your winning chances!

Before committing to one type of slots, also find out the odds on the game. Often times those that require high coin means higher odds. Make sure you understand the minimum & maximum coins required for each pay line. It would be unfortunate to be playing a slot game that is too expensive for you and miss the jackpot as a result (failure to max bet for each pay line).

A common good trait to have is to be betting higher amounts than your winning. It gives you a better chance to increase your overall winnings. If you start losing, then lower your bets to extend your bankroll before running out. BE SMART. If you’ve been winning for a while and then you start losing repeatedly, it might be time to quit playing. If you continue after the streak is lost, you’ll risk putting all your winnings back into the slot machine and finish with nothing.

These tips can help you increase your chances of winning at free slots and pay slots. With smart playing and thinking, you’ll be dominating the slots in no time!

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